Kantar wanted to address a number of issues with their new graduate scheme including assessment centre pass rates and candidate experience.

The Challenge

With the new Kantar graduate scheme, the expectations were that graduates would have bring a fresh perspective in line with the newly defined strategic objectives and expectations for the future, almost shaping the culture of Kantar.

Kantar wanted to address a number of areas including: low ratio to hire at assessment days, high dropout rates of female and ethnic group candidates at testing stage and an underwhelming candidate experience. Kantar also wanted to reduce costs.

The Solution

Arctic Shores Conducted job analysis and multiple workshops with visionaries across multiple divisions in Kantar to understand the vision and the strategy. A fit profile was also designed and created that was balanced around present and future needs – in support of the gradual cultural transformation without being too much ‘ahead of the curve’.

The Results

The overall results included:

• 100% assessment centre conversion rate for one division in particular, meaning that every candidate they saw could have been hired
• 7% increase in the number of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) hired as the cut-off point in our assessments ensures that there is no adverse impact
• An enhanced candidate experience, with 91% enjoying the assessment process, 82% feeling more relaxed in comparison to traditional assessments
• Over £13,000 saved in assessment costs alone

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