The Adecco Group

By implementing our assessment, the Adecco Group enhanced the calibre of candidates at assessment centre stage and provided them with a better experience.

The Challenge

The Adecco Group wanted to improve the candidate experience, and the calibre of candidates at assessment centre stage, whilst promoting an innovative brand image.


The Solution

Our in-house business psychologists built a model of high performance for the role (known as a ‘fit profile’) by surveying and interviewing stakeholders to better understand the role requirements and organisational culture. Candidate results were then compared against the profile and they were ranked based on their level of fit, allowing for the Adecco Group to swiftly progress suitable candidates to the next stage.

The Results

• 89% enjoyed the process
• 74% felt less anxious when completing the assessment
• 81% felt more excited to work for the Adecco Group

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