Become an Accredited Provider

Arctic Shores Resellers are HR service providers that resell our assessments in addition to their own services. They help customers purchase the right solutions and see it through.

We partner with a global network of organisations who share our mission to identify the best candidates for a role, make recruitment fair and objective, and provide an excellent candidate experience. Our partners tend to be: 

  • HR and recruitment consultancies
  • Human capital management firms
  • Recruitment process outsource (RPO) firms
  • Recruitment technology firms 

Our most successful partners tend to have customers who:

  • Are overwhelmed with large application volumes
  • Want to reduce the time and costs associated with CV screening & interviewing
  • Want to increase their application: offer conversion rate 
  • Need a clear and fair method to differentiate candidates
  • Are focused on diversity and inclusion
  • Want an excellent experience for their candidates


We provide in-depth accreditation training before launching to put you in the best position to make an impact. This covers:

  • Sales & Marketing: How to communicate the value of the platform. 
  • Science: How our assessment measures cognitive ability and personality . 
  • Fit Profile Creation: Our step-by-step approach that combines techniques from IO Psychology and Data Science.
  • The Datahub: How to use our in-built Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to administer assessment demos and run end-to-end projects. Note that this can be integrated with your own system.


    As part of the partnership, you will have access to:

    • Webinars and on-demand training
    • Unlimited demo access
    • Sales, marketing and implementation support
    • A dedicated team of business psychologists

    If you are interested in working together to make the recruitment process more efficient, fairer and engaging get in touch with us below.


    Interested in working with us?